“Mom, let’s live a wild life. Like Sassafras.” (2012 : 4  Year-old Participant Nature’s Nest)

“Sassafras is all my son talks about all week long and looks forward to Saturdays. What you guys do is very special and has left an imprint on my family that they will carry with them for a long while and for that I’m grateful.” (Fall 2014: Dad of Participant Saturday Squirrels & Coyotes)

“I feel so grateful to have wise beings like you and David close by. In your presence there seems to always be just the right balance of playfulness and seriousness, laughter and tears. What’s never missing is a consistent appreciation for Nature. Thank you so much for sharing your physically space, heart space and life force.” (2013: Participant  Circle of Life Journey)

“I did not know what to expect, but I got way more than I bargained for. Art of Mentoring shifted my perception of life from that of a trek (that I sometimes feel too exhausted for) to one of an immersion-learning experience— relating to nature as a responsive partner, rather than a place. Socially speaking, the training offers medicine for the effects of extreme individualism. It offers an experience of how one’s role can take form in a truly human dimension . Whew! I’m so glad you are doing this in earnest- the program design is amazing. Thank you!” (2010:  Participant Vermont Art of Mentoring )