kids in woods

Teen Fire Friday Oct 14, 7 – 10pm

Free evening for Teens around a fire to reconnect with peers, find out more and help shape our upcoming Teen Overnight. Come join us to be with friends, create the menu for the overnight, and to share some good stories, snacks and fun.

Teen Fall Overnight Sat Oct 22 – Sun Oct 23, 2016

Come with little and discover a lot. Sassafras’ 26 hour teen experience with cooking our own meals over a fire,  night games, edges, and survival skills. Leave your devices at home and connect real time with others, to find out more about who you really are. We meet from Saturday 1pm to Sunday 3pm, and the cost are $120. Note that we have scholarships available and that lack of funds should not hold you back from coming. Just talk to us, but prior to the weekend please.

Teen Experiences and Edges

Sassafras provides experiences and training opportunities for teens in a number of different ways. The yearly Teen Rendezvous in Brattleboro Vermont is a highlight, that takes place concurrent with the weeklong Art of Mentoring workshop. We offer opportunities for teens to mentor with us and help out with younger children during our year-round Saturday programs. Summer offers Teen Leadership Training, come and meet your edges if you like to work with younger kids. Call, text, or email Saskia if you are interested, we like having you around.

Pre-Teen and Teen Leadership Training

Leadership development is a vital component of the work we do with children, and we love to have as many of our youth continue in a training and subsequent leadership role. Right now, a good portion of our staff consist of Teen Leaders that have been coming up thru that trajectory. Teen Leadership Training is a vital component of Sassafras for two reasons. First, it allows youth ‘coming up’ in our programs, to continue their journey towards responsibility and independence, and to be witnessed in growing into their gifts. Second, home-grown, embodied leadership is the best role-modeling we can offer our younger youth. Teens start training at age 12 and after a proximate trajectory of 3 years, teens become “full on” Teen Leaders that get compensated at a start up rate, with the potential of corresponding growth in the succeeding years. We have different arrangement during the summer and year-round programming, please read on.


In the summer we offer a week of leadership training for $300 for ages 12 and up, while asking for the commitment to help out for two additional weeks. This means your teen is receiving quality mentoring training and gaining experience at 1/3 of our program rate.


In the year-round programming, we offer leadership training for ages 12 and up as well, in both youth programs; Saturday Youth and Forest Kindergarten Fridays. Costs for Leadership Training that includes quality mentoring and gaining experience with age appropriate guidance, varies with age and experience. Note that individual arrangements may vary and that the following includes our guidelines that seek to make things clear for all involved. (Pre-)Teens up to age 14, with no prior NCM program experience, pay full price for at least the first season. Those with prior experience enrolling for one season only, pay 50% of youth program costs. Those enrolling for the year-round 3 season option, pay 33.3% or 1/3 of youth program costs ($120 per season). For dates, times and more info, see our “youth” page.


July 5-8, 2016: Summer Teen Leadership Week $300

See “Summer 2016″ page.

Vermont Teen Rendezvous, Aug 29 – Sept 3, 2016

Teen overnight experience during the Vermont Art of Mentoring weeklong workshop with concurrent programming for all ages, and supported by Sassafras. For more info go to the Vermont Wilderness School Art of Mentoring.