Art of Mentoring


Art of Mentoring in Ontario 2012, opening the week with bow drill fire

The Art of Mentoring (“AOM”) is an empowering immersion experience into Nature Connection Mentoring. Sassafras is co-organizer of  two annual Art of Mentoring (“AOM”) workshops, one in the New England region (the Vermont AOM) and one in Canada (the  Ontario AOM). Both have been running successfully respectively for 13 and 6 years, and between 150 and 200 people attend. By  immersion into a culture of deep nature connection and belonging, the Art of Mentoring has been a transformational experience for many people of different ages.

During the week, we create a village model in which everybody has a role. The central fire, the village hearth, gets lit at the beginning of the week (see pic above).  The Art of Mentoring workshop is a fantastic way to delve into the essence of Nature Connection Mentoring as a family, because there are concurrent programs for different ages. For returnees, the AOM provides a fertile ground for deepening understanding and opportunities to step up into leadership in a variety of roles.

Ontario Art of Mentoring
Vermont Art of Mentoring