Sassafras Earth Education

"being fully alive"

Who We Are

At Sassafras, nature is at the core of everything we do. Our goal is to provide excellent programming, connective events, and to build community with deep nature connection as basis. We envision our organization and community to become increasingly  diverse and regenerative, as a reflection of the natural world. We serve people of all ages and bring them in close relationship with the earth, themselves and each other. We regard a deep connection with the natural world as our birthright, and as a vital basis for wholesome human development. The outcome over time of our Nature Connection Mentoring approach is optimized human beings, that are ready to take on leadership roles with grit, and a deep love for everything alive.

Programs For All

Sassafras offers a variety of nature-based mentoring programs and events year-round on Martha’s Vineyard. We have programs for all ages and multi generational ones too for parent & child, youth, teens, families, and adults. Our current programming includes: Day programs, workshops, talking circles, apprenticeships, evening events, gatherings, birthdays, programs for schools, home-schooled youth, and overnight experiences. Programs can be designed to meet your needs.


Summer Camp


Adults & Families

Art of Mentoring

Bird Language


What Our Community Says

“Mom, let’s live a wild life. Like Sassafras.” (2012 : 4  Year-old Participant Nature’s Nest)

“Sassafras is all my son talks about all week long and looks forward to Saturdays. What you guys do is very special and has left an imprint on my family that they will carry with them for a long while and for that I’m grateful.” (Fall 2014: Dad of Participant Saturday Squirrels & Coyotes)

“I feel so grateful to have wise beings like you and David close by. In your presence there seems to always be just the right balance of playfulness and seriousness, laughter and tears. What’s never missing is a consistent appreciation for Nature. Thank you so much for sharing your physically space, heart space and life force.” (2013: Participant  Circle of Life Journey)

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Summer Progam 2015 Registration Open!

Summer Program 2015 registration is open! Make sure to reserve a spot  in our small...

Nature Connection

Practicing routines of “Deep Nature Connection”


Bringing out the gift, in people of all ages


Creating diverse and regenerative community

Culture & Nature

Creating culture with nature at the center

Girls in the Woods at the Beach

Girls in the Woods after school program – girls team work on the beach on a late...